Hypnosis @ Home: Stress Relief

Hypnosis @ Home: Stress Relief


This work has taught me that we all struggle with similar issues. One of them: Not being able to let go of the things dragging us down.

When people used to tell me to just “let it go” I would think, “Yes! That would be fantastic! How do I do that??” Hypnosis has been the best weapon for me when it comes to the art of letting go - and I know I’m not alone on this one.

Whether it’s something keeping you up at night or a bad day you can’t stop ruminating over, have a listen and let that shit go for good!

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Recording Length:

19 minutes


Listen to this recording every day for 30 days and then on an as-needed basis after that. Mark it on your calendar and commit!

I’d love to hear the benefits and changes you see in your life because of it. Don’t forget to tell me all about it. Email me anytime! 

This purchase includes:

  1. Immediate access to two audio files of the hypnosis (one audio recording with an ending conducive for day-time listening and one for listening to as you drift off to sleep - my favorite).

  2. You’ll also receive access to a visual recording option for those folks who are hearing impaired. All of which you can save to any device so you can access it from anywhere. For the visual recording, please drop me an email at jina@calminghypnosis.com after your purchase.

Please, no sharing! 

Respect the hundreds of hours of study and work I’ve completed to learn these techniques and create this content at a reasonable price for all. If you know of someone who would like to access these hypnosis recordings, please have them purchase from my site and download their own copy. Thank you!