Full Moon Gathering // Release & Call In // April 19

Full Moon Gathering // Release & Call In // April 19


A 90-Minute Gathering.

Friday April 19, 2019

7:00 PM - 8:30 PM

Located in the North Loop of Minneapolis. Once you sign up you’ll get the address + parking information!

Within the comfort of this gathering, we'll use short writing prompts, guided visualization/self-hypnosis, and healing sound vibrations to cleanse your energy field, raise your vibration, and increase your mental and energetic clarity. All so you can release what is blocking you and call in what you madly desire. 

Release what’s blocking you & Call In what you desire.

Embody more of who you’re meant to be.

Feel more aligned with what your soul came here to do.

Step closer to the divine plan for your life.

Ride the energetic waves.

April's Full Moon: 

We’ll use the energy of the full moon to shine light on what we want to release from our minds, bodies & lives. 

The Spring Season: 

During Spring, energy is heightened to make everything come alive again. You feel that, right? Come out of hibernation! Whether it’s the life of the leaves on a tree, a blooming flower or our desires and plans - this fresh & potent energy calls us to gather and use our powers to make some positive changes.  

Bring these items.

Yoga mat and/or blanket

Notebook + pen

Willingness to relax into this energetic shift!

You’ll receive...

  1. Journalling exercises: For more clarity now & better execution later.

  2. Crystal sound bath: To brighten up your energy field & balance your chakras.

  3. The high vibration of a group: Connect with other womxn interested in this witchy things.

  4. Subconscious re-writing: Align yourself with your true soul calling by using self-hypnosis for more effortless + automatic changes in your thoughts and emotions in the future.

  5. Bonus gift! After the gathering I’ll send you a recording of the self-hypnosis to really kick these plans, desires and affirmations into high gear: if you choose to, you can listen to this every day (or night) for 30 days to (1) really hit the nail in the coffin on the things you’re letting go of and (2) pour fertilizer on your desires and plans (3) and, if you chose: gain insights and other guidance from your higher self, spirit guides or angels - more on this at the gathering if you choose to get this freaky (not a requirement).

Refund Policy:

Flex that commitment muscle! Before you sign up, check your calendar + the calendar of other people who influence your life. There are no refunds for those who cannot after purchasing. If you were in my position, I’m certain you can see how this makes sense, right? Ah, empathy. Thanks so much for understanding!

However! And! But! If you purchased and cannot attend, you can give your spot in the circle to someone else if you choose. Just let me know!

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