Session Prep

for Past Life Regression, Angel/Spirit Guidance, Higher Self Connection

I’m looking forward to our session together!

Caffeine: The critical piece is your ability to get into a deeply relaxed state in the session. Too much caffeine can inhibit the relaxation process. If you need your caffeine to feel human (I understand that!), then drink just enough to get you feeling human and not anymore. It’s essential you don’t feel edgy or wired during the session, so aim to drink as little caffeine as possible if at all.

Intention: Come to the session with an intention. This intention can be a question you'd like insights or wisdom for, finding a path to get unstuck or in a pattern you want to let go of.

Practice Relaxation: I’ve created a recording that you can use to practice relaxing to the sound of my voice, so we meet you have some practice in relaxing to the sound of my voice, and you’ll be able to relax quicker and deeper than you usually would in a session. Access the recording right here.

Frequently Asked Questions: Before your session, read through the FAQs if you have not yet done so. Find them here.  Any other questions? Ask them using the form below!

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