The benefits vary person to person. From my own experience, hypnosis and regression have done more than any coach, affirmation, vision board, self-help book, or obsessive thinking had ever done or could ever do. This is because with hypnosis you are able to dig right into the subconscious mind to shift your outlook, beliefs, perceptions, and emotions. Working with the subconscious makes change much easier.

I’ve been a client of hypnosis and regression since 2013. In 2018 I became certified to assist people with hypnosis and regression. If you choose to go on this journey of healing, you’ll see shifts to more inner peace (see symptoms list :) I certainly have seen a transformation in my own life!

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Some of my past clients’ experiences:

In my session with Jina, I gained a new perspective about my family that gave me more understanding about some reactions I have to my current life. It’s hard to put into words but seeing these past life scenes helped me to know why I have certain feelings in this life. With that perspective, it relieved and lessened my usual feelings of fear, failure and overwhelm in this life. Thank you!” - J.C.


I was nervous to have a session. I didn’t know if it would work on me since I can be so heady. And if it did work I didn’t know if it would be scary or confusing.

It was the opposite. It felt like home. Jina was so patient in guiding me to the past life I needed to visit after being blocked from the first few. Even though I was still present enough to hear noises in the room, I felt fully immersed in my past life, and the feelings there were so strong and tangible. Since the session, I’ve been able to tap back into those positive emotions almost effortlessly. Jina helped me heal a conditioned block from childhood around being loved and accepted just as I am.

I didn’t grow up feeling loved which made me nearly incapable of feeling the love from my husband and friends. It’s as if I was shielded from it. No matter how much they doted on me and expressed their feelings, I felt nothing. My past life session with Jina showed me my greater capacity for love, but more importantly, I got to feel what being unconditionally loved feels like. Ever since then my marriage has completely shifted, and I feel loved almost daily. On top of that, I can look back in my past and see evidence of just how loved I was but wasn’t able to feel it then.

I’ve created a couple simple mantras based on what I learned in my session that help me during my everyday life. Since my session with Jina, I’ve noticed myself completely letting go of the things I used to obsess over. My confidence has grown, and I find myself taking action on things I’ve held off for years. Everything seems simpler, but richer and fuller at the time.” - Katie L.


“Experiencing my past life regression with Jina was productive and positive.  She led me through the regression with such confidence and clarity that it was easy for me to come away from the experience with a more profound sense of purpose.  Our session contributed to my decision to continue my studies in Ayurvedic medicine in earnest.  I am so thankful that our session produced a shift in my readiness to dive into what I had been reluctant to do for several years.  Since our session, I have also had a strong sense of being grounded, as if by being aware of my past helps me to feel confident in my present and future path.  Thank you, Jina!” - Leah F.


“My session with Jina was really eye-opening. It led to things ‘making more sense’ to me and answering questions I could never answer. I think about the session quite often, especially when I’m feeling stressed or anxious and the answers I got during the session eases discomfort. The tools I gained from the session have contributed to making me feel more confident, less anxious, and more at ease. I look forward to future sessions with her and would highly recommend Jina.” - Leah L.


"Past life regression is always interesting to me because it’s entertaining to see other lifetimes it’s such a bonus that there's healing that I’ve gotten from each experience too. For me, I don’t ever feel completely changed after the session but in the days and weeks after I notice a slow shift or will have a big ‘a-ha!’ moment where I can connect the dots between something I’m living through now and past life experiences from my session. For me, parenthood is such an emotional experience, these sessions are such a potent tool for my life giving me new perspectives and helping to release negative emotions.” - Jessica


“Since my session with Jina, my overall stress levels are much lower. Instead of having this lurking anxious feeling in the background every day, now there’s more feeling of calm and peacefulness than ever. This not only helps me feel good every day but also helps me be a better parent and feel better in my capabilities as a parent.” - Sara


“I’ve had two regression sessions and each one I received different healing and insights. The cumulative benefit of the two sessions is also something I think is important. With these two experiences, I see that the mistakes I’ve made that I used to regret or obsess over, now I see them as small things not worth much thought after being analyzed while in regression with Jina. Like, it’s not just one chance we get. We’re made to make mistakes and learn from them. This is how we grow, and it's this perspective that takes the pressure off of me in my current life. Before these sessions, I would feel almost suffocated by this pressure at times throughout the week and especially on Sundays before my work week would begin. I still work hard and try my best only now without the crushing pressure. This has made such a difference not only to me but to my family as well!” - S.S


"The recording for releasing my sugar cravings was so convenient and, because I listened to it when I was going to sleep, I didn’t have to make time for it during the day. Listening to the recording helped me get to sleep faster too. I still enjoy sweet foods now and then, but I can have a little and stop. Or I can easily resist it completely. It’s such a relief, and I feel so powerful!”  - Jessica

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Negative emotions can be an incredible push in the right direction. However, a life with hard-to-control or unexplained fear, annoyance, anger, overwhelm, dread, or sadness is that can make day-to-day life feel uncomfortable or even unbearable. Through hypnosis and regression, we can gain a better understanding so we can transform, take action and/or release these negative and heavy feelings holding us back.

Although the possibilities are endless, here are just a few examples of issues that can be healed or eased through this more in-depth work: 

You’ve read enough self-help books to know why your mother acts as she does but it still triggers such rage and frustration inside of you when she calls/critiques your parenting/comments on your life choices/etc. 

Dread, overwhelm fear, anger, and feelings of not being good enough plague your motherhood experience. Your kids are great and amazing and why can’t you stop getting so triggered by them??

You could do your job in your sleep but speaking about it in front of a group leaves your mind blank and filled with terror.

You don’t mind your weekly schedule yet you’re plagued with a sense of dread at the start of each week. 

It’s just clothes on the bathroom floor so why does it spark such rage when you see it?!

It’s that sweet spot between “I know why this shouldn’t bother me and why can’t I stop crying about it??”

We’re in a pivotal time in history, and we need everyone to be more of who they are - less fearful and more compassionate to ourselves and others. Instead of fighting against our own baggage and emotions it’s time to sooth them so we can move forward and make life better for us and but better for anyone who gets caught in our orbit every day.

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