One technique I use in regression sessions is to identify the residues left over in our physical bodies from trauma/drama from our past (in this life or other lives). I love the visual on this…

When in trance in hypnosis or regression, your senses are heightened (+ you remember everything). Once you identify residues in your body then I guide you to release it. There are more ways to do this but one of my fav visuals is to get the client to feel it in their body + see the residue as back metallic dust.

Then visualize the biggest magnet you could ever imagine pulling the residue out of the part of your body. Once it’s out you peel the ball of residue off the magnet & toss that muthaf*cker into the sun to transmute it to white light. Shifting the universe a little more toward the light side of things.

A friend (& client!) + I were talking about leaning on our angels, spirit guides, & nature to get rid of the stuff we accumulate or the things that bubble up outside of a session. She said something I think we’ve all thought or will think sometime in the future:

Why do they deserve this shit?

If they’re so great, why would I want to send them my negativity?

The thing is, we’re in communion every day with these earthly and non-earthly energies. Part of their spiritual evolution is to help us along the way. That’s part of their job.

Just like our job is to slog through the Earthly experience aiming to become more loving, compassionate, grateful - to ourselves and others.


What if you were a spirit guide & your life was all about helping others:

What reality would you rather live in?

The one where most people felt bad for getting your help so they never asked. You’re there, trying to sell your services but no one will get out of their way so you can do your thing. It’s an exhausting pony ride of trying to convince & being denied.

— OR —

The one where people know you’re there to take away pain, sorrow, worry, residues, etc & so they give it to you. Not only that but they know it, appreciate it, and actively give thanks for it. Every day. Every chance they get. They do this instead of using their humility to stop the transaction and carry around all their shit alone (mucking up their life in the process) which helps no one.

They use their humility to see the  noble work you do and they give thanks for it. The cool thing about this gratitude is that it makes the giver and the receiver feel so so damn fine.

And your job just gets better and better because this pony ride of gratitude is like heaven.

I mean, who doesn’t want to sign up for the second scenario.

Good news!

No need to sign up! That’s our life here on Earth. our angels and spirit guides want to help us. So talk to them, ask them for help, show gratitude, repeat.

Think of your relationship with them just like that - a relationship. Acknowledge them. Appreciate them. Feel love and gratitude.

Simmer in the knowingness that you are not alone.

Beef it up with rituals!

I like to use different rituals to cultivate the relationship with God, the angels, my spirit guides. Read about that here.

Jina Seavall