Ritual is my way to stay connected to my guides, angels, or any ascended masters or other enlightened beings that may be guiding & protecting me.

We're on Earth to learn lessons/balance karma/spiritually evolve. That’s our path - And we’re not the only ones here. Our spirit guides and angels are on a path of evolution too. That’s why they’re around us trying to guide & protect us.

Helping us is part of their path.

When I think of it like that, I feel so much more love for them & it makes me want to reach out to them even more. Writing about them here, I can feel their excitement. It’s the weirdest sensation bc I am humanly scared and apprehensive to talk about them for the obvious reasons. But I can feel them urging me to do it. They’re so pumped I’m doing it. It’s hard to resist their joy!

As I’ve gotten to know my guides, I’ve started to have more conversations w/ them & have started treating them like a relationship. I think:

What if:

…you were trying to help someone & they never acknowledged you?

…you tried to whisper guidance to them, but it never worked because the person you were trying to help was too filled with chaotic or negative thoughts?

…you were doing so many things to help someone behind the scenes and all they could do was get angry with you when things didn’t work out?

I don’t think they ever quit or give up but I can see how this vibe would taint the whole relationship.

Because of this, I talk to them a lot thought out the day. I thank them. Try to laugh or see the light in the dark when things are hard.

A general message from my angels:

“you take life way too seriously!"

Part of a solid spiritual practice for me is to show up everyday. Before I felt like I really knew my guides, ritual was so perfect because it felt fake & weird when I tried to talk to them. Ritual was a way to acknowledge them & show gratitude.

Ritual is simply a way to show up regularly & show reverence, appreciation, gratitude for the powers that be (whatever those are to you). You don’t need to buy any tools to help you with this. I mean, you can, but it’s not required.

It can be as simple or elaborate as we want it to be or have time for. Things like:

looking up at the stars and marveling at what an amazing Universe we live in

praying every morning

daily meditation

cleansing your space with sage or other methods

writing in a gratitude journal every night

picking up litter

carrying crystals

going to yoga

walking in nature


hugging a tree

more more more!

It’s limitless! It can take 30 sec a day or 30 hrs a day. (haha!)


Ritual can be anything that feels good to us where we’re feeling love, acknowledgement, gratitude for someone or something or some power.

This needs to feel light and pleasant. It shouldn’t be a grind. Heavy obligation vibes muck up the message.

Do something regularly (whether daily, monthly, annually, or some other time interval) to give love and appreciation to on your journey. Doing this keeps us grounded in their love and connection and it shows them we give a shit. Or more than give a shit, I guess!

My rituals flow with the different times in my life and the amount of time I have for it. Here’s what I do now (this will be like a time capsule for me!):


Every 30-40 days I pick up new ones based on what’s going on with me. I pick some to help during the day and then some for sleepy time travel and rejuvenation. I set them out so I can see them. Sometimes I carry them with me depending on what I’m doing that day. The sleepy time ones I have by my bed.

Every night as I get ready to go to sleep, I cleanse each crystal with either copal incense, sage, palo santo, or cedar. I say,

“Burning this sage (or whatever I’m using to cleanse) with the intention to cleanse and charge these crystals.”

I take the stone and place it over the smoke and say,

“Thank you to the <insert name if stone> for <insert the particular magic powers of each stone>. Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

Then I do the same with each stone. I give thanks and it’s a reminder of what I’m being helped with. Which feels good to me knowing I’m not alone.

Energetic Cleansing

Growing out of the crystal ritual above I started to then just cleanse my entire home at night. This is pretty easy because I live in 900 square feet!

I crack a window then start at the front door and roll through each space going clock wise saying,

“Burning this sage (or whatever I’m using to cleanse) with the intention the smoke reaches, cleanses, and clears every space, everything and everyone in this home. Clearing this space of any heavy, negative, or stagnant energy. Thank you to the angels, spirit guides, ascended masters and any other enlighten beings looking out for our highest good. Thank you for keeping us peaceful, protected, and prosperous.”

I say that as I’m lighting the blaze then as I move thought my home I keep thinking it and sometimes repeating it out loud as I move through the condo - just whatever I’m feeling. Then I sage myself, my partner Alex, and the wiener dog as much as she lets me saying basically the same thing as above.

Sleep Dedication

As part of the ritual of cleansing above I roll the smoke over our bed and say,

“Dedicating our sleep to releasing any attachments that are not serving our highest and greatest good. Dedicating our sleep time to rejuvenation, fun travel, and experiences that help us learn, release, and grow spiritually.”


I do Transcendental Meditation for 20 minutes, 2 times each day.

And a short 15-20 min self Reiki session.

When can I give it up?

I used to hold on to a ritual even when it felt like a grind. Meaning, I would chant for 10 mins and the only thing I would feel when I was done was relief that I was done. As opposed to being like, oh man, I have to squeeze that in but the moment I sat down I was feeling good from it.

So in the name of not taking things so fucking serious, here is the guidance I’ve gotten…

If I feel bored with something or just not that into it anymore, that’s an indicator that I don’t need it in my life right now. There is something else I can do and to go find that.

It should be a pleasure. It should feel good over all. And it’s all about intention - choose why you’re doing it and make your own process ritual.

If an expensive meditation pillow makes it fun - go ahead and get one. But you don’t need a pillow to sit and meditate. You can do that anywhere you have a butt. And your butt is most likely always attached! Yay!

More on Ritual

In person

My intention is to get a community of women to get our regular ritual on in reverence for the Earth, Universe, moon magic, and the invisible energy that makes flowers bloom, spins the earth, etc.

If you’re interested in that know that this will happen in Minneapolis MN but I’d be open to going other places too. We’re in this together. If you want to be in the loop about this:

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Jina Seavall