Regarding past lives, I’ve heard people say, AND I said it before getting my first session for healing:

"I don’t want to look into the past. I want to move forward, onward and upward, people.”

I 100% agree.

The point of the past life regression is just that: Take the lessons and wisdom from past lives but don’t lose yourself in the drama of it and get swallowed again and by the pain or narrative of the past life. The point of the PLR session is to let whatever flavor of suffering go so you can leave it in the past. Release it. Heal it. Move on.

The thing is, these past lives don’t just live in the past. Their chips, cracks, scrapes, burn marks on our eternal soul stay with us life after life.

That’s a lot of damn baggage that can accumulate. This baggage can taint our point of view, light up irrational negative emotions, amplify fears that need not be there, etc, etc, holy moly so many etceteras on this one.

I was peeling through my notebook from the past year where I quickly scratch things down that move me. In this beat-up notebook I saw something I wrote that is either exactly what Rebecca Campbell said or my interpretation of her point of view on this: "If these past lives are not acknowledged, released, and healed, we’ll live this same story over and over in each life. Finding our way and restoring these parts of our souls is part of our personal evolution. Healing our souls is how we evolve to a higher vibration and a get more of those heaven feelings on earth. Right here. Right now."


For example, a personal story from my vault…

I have been dabbling in past life exploration, talking with my spirit guides, crystals, moon ritual, reverence for the earth, energetic healing and more fringe activities for over 5 yrs. I just recently started feeling okay talking about it. 'Okay' meaning I am willing to hit the ‘publish’ button or when I’m talking to past colleagues in the wellness field who are real sciencey I don’t water down what I’ve been up to or what I’m doing in this new phase in my life.

Talking about my interests with this kind of accuracy is something I would not have been able to do even just 6 months ago. The fear of being found out was so strong even though it didn't make much sense. What could possibly happen because of being found out? Following this thread of fear into past life work helped me to examine the roots of the fear and release the thought patterns and pain that go with it. This liberated me from these fears. These fears that used to keep me stuffed in the spiritual closet filled with anxiety about it.

When I settled into my PLR session with this irrational fear in mind, I came across 2 lives where I was a mixture of what we’d call today a medicine woman, herbalist, witch or energy healer. In each of these lives, men who I had trusted turned me in because they were threatened by the work I was doing. Because of this I was brutally murdered (hung, throat slit, and stabbed in the back).


Having this in my deck of past lives doesn’t make me special or unique. Chances are if you are reading this, or are a healer, or have a desire to protect the earth and/or her children fiercely, are a caregiver or nurturer, an activist or social justice worker... you have the same history (ahem, herstory - since this persecution was designated mostly for women for nearly 1,000 years not that long ago on this planet).

Being persecuted for what we believe, what we do, how we heal, love and fight for others is a real fear for many of us. We wrestle with this fear even though the world we currently live in (21st century on 3D Earth) would not murder us for it - especially if you are white, cis, straight.

Carrying this energetic baggage on our souls can ignite wild fears of speaking out or being authentic about our interests and beliefs.

Imagine if you had no fears about your co-workers discovering the kind of books you read or that you have crystals in your bra to help balance your third chakra or the sort of rituals you practice for psychic protection or in devotion to your higher power.

Imagine if those fears were gone.

Not only would that feel amazing but you’d be much more likely to find your tribe of people who can indulge with you. Heal with you. Make more of an energetic shift with you.

That’s where I’m at right now.

Stepping into a new line work that sets my passion on fire and awakens something inside of me that’s hard to explain. It’s like the essence of these wild women in these 2 particular past lives has become more settled and integrated into my confidence and perspective. I’m sure there’s more to dig into with this (there always is!). I’m just on the cusp of healing this long-time fear of mine and it makes me even more excited for what is to come. *wrings hands with wild smile*


This story is just one taste in a world of flavors of how past life regression can help liberate and restore the wholeness of your soul. For me, it’s helpful to first pay attention to how I feel and why.

That’s it: be mindful.

Then, when I see that I have negative emotions or fears AND I can logically say why I shouldn’t have these feelings, for me, that is the thread I follow. That's when I schedule a past life regression to unravel that piece. Thread by thread more of the heaven-like feelings on Earth.

Comments on this piece? Questions? Let me know.

May you elevate every room you walk in with your high vibes -

xoxo Jina

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