Getting To Our Gathering

Road construction has seeped into the enchanted land of the North Loop. Read on to see the best ways to get around & park!

>>> Step 1

Type this address into your GPS:

710 N 4th Street, Minneapolis MN 55401

>>> Step 2

Check the map below for best streets to get around the neighborhood while the beautification construction process is going on. (Washington Ave, 10th Ave, and 6th Ave)

>>> Step 3

Parking options:

#1: Along 4th Street (circled in yellow on map below). Note your parking space number and pay at the machine right in front of the 710 Building.

#2: In the parking ramp on the corner of 10th Ave & 3rd Street (yellow square on map below). Cost is around $5. The address for this ramp: 1000 3rd Street North, Minneapolis MN 55401.

>>> Step 4

Once parked, walk into the 710 building

On the keypad to your right once you walk into the door, hit 913.

Wait for me to buzz you in then come on up to UNIT 202.

>>> The neighborhood map: